May 12th, 2011
In July 2005, Ron received his first commission to pen a feature script ‘Bloody Wicked’ for the established Horror Director/Producer, David DeCoteau, after he read two of Ron’s screenplays on InkTip.

David commented: “Ron has a sharp style and an unusual ability to mix humour with horror”.

In December 05, Simon Foster of Covent Garden Films, commissioned Ron to write a Sci-Fi Horror feature, ‘The Darkness’, after he also read his work on InkTip. Simon commented: “I’ve read five of Ron’s scripts and every one is extremely commercial”.

Production of The Darkness begins in 2011 with a production  budget of $5mil and already has cinema and DVD distribution contract for the US, Canada and Europe.

In December 2006, Ron was employed by prize winning LA director, Andy Lauer, to be the story editor on developing a short, into a feature.  Brad Pitt was the Executive Producer and Adrian Brody the narrator on the short.

In January 07, he was invited to act as the script advisor and website moderator by the US producer Bill Dever for his company “The Indy Film Co-op”, as well as to write a low budget script for him, “Storm Warning”, which goes into production in 2011.

In addition to his assignments, he has completed twelve original, commercially viable spec screenplays and wrote five more with writing partners. Have a look!

He also completed eight screenplays as assignments for producers or directors.

‘Friends of my Enemies’ won Script of the Month on TriggerStreet in February 2008, ‘The Gunfighter’ won the same award in September 2008 and ‘Recompense’ was nominated for the award in September 2006.

In late 2009, Ron was commissioned to write six fifty minutes episodes for a new TV series being produced in 2011, (recently changed to thirteen 30 minute episodes).

In January 2010, he was commissioned to write a feature screenplay for a prestigious Anglo-Chinese-Hong Kong project.

Ron is a 65 well traveled youth. He was previously the CEO for an International machine manufacturing company and a marketing executive for the Sony Corporation.

He easily writes in every genre and is happy to work on assignments or with a co-writer.

Over the last couple of years he has been invited to the B-Movie Celebrations in Indiana as a guest speaker to lecture on the craft of scriptwriting.

Represented by Trisha Campo of Uraz Productions.