Coffee and writing.

August 2nd, 2011 by Ron
 The Script Blogger
Coffee has always played a role in my life even though I didn’t realize it.

When I was 13, (for the historians out there, that was in 1957), the only place in Richmond, that’s the one in Surrey not Yorkshire or Virginia, with a Juke Box and a decent selection of music was the Riviera Coffee Bar.

The espresso Nectar cost less than one shilling (five pence) a cup and the music sixpence or three tracks for a shilling. Sorry but I am not working out what the dollar exchange rate was or the effect inflation has been, if you are interested work it out for yourself.


The other attraction to the Riviera Coffee Bar was the selection of girls who found the allure of smoke, (ah yes, we could smoke on a premises at the time), the illicit Kenya aroma and the smooth voice of Elvis or Eddie Cochran a fitting accomplishment to the assortment of greased backed Brylcreem Boys in their Levis, white shirts and leather jackets, enthralling.


Yes we all wanted to be, James Dean.


My addiction was enriched on the night a couple of years later in the La Bargé Coffee House, also in Richmond, when Joe Brown, Marty Wilde and Billy Fury dropped in for a coffee.


There wasn’t the selection of coffee that Starbucks or Costa offers today, but who cared, with the open courtyard that over looked Richmond Bridge; the painted chessboards on the glass table tops and not forgetting the Pyrex cups or the pre-hippie, pre miniskirt generation of revolutionaries prepared to try anything for a laugh; it was the place.


This was a moment before the generation of the Stones, the Beatles and the Who.


The dependence on coffee was just the beginning and in fives years from then, Mick Jagger would be singing in the Station Hotel in Richmond.


By the time I was 60, a lifetime later, I was on at least six cups a day and still smoking twenty a day. Then I decided to change the direction of my life and become a screenwriter.


My smoking increased slightly and my caffeine intake considerably, but gradually and partly because I didn’t smoke in the house I found the sense to quit the weed. It interfered with my writing, but I was convinced coffee was a necessary ingredient to a good screenplay.


Then in January 2009 I had a stroke, the cigarettes had already gone, so all that was left to give up was the ten to twelve cups; sorry mugs; of coffee a day.


Bye, bye coffee, hello water.




People drown in water.


Surprisingly I survived and I found all I needed to write a screenplay was my imagination and a few of life’s experiences.




5 responses to “Coffee and writing.”

  1. joe says:

    Oh and btw Ron, Ron, don’t worry about that negativity from these people. In life people just want to put someone down who has a dream. Your dream is writing. You put it for all to see. Some people, are afraid, and dont like it when someone can step out to do what they all want to do. Your film, “The Darkness,” is a testament to your ability to weather the storm and come out on top, like a true champion. It is also a testament to the qulaity of your work. And no doubt, the economy of words that you use! (Any great writer knows its not the words you use, but the words you leave out!)

  2. joe says:

    The filming of the film, “The Darkness,” I imagine is going fine – Peter P. You wouldn’t have any idea. You’ll be qeuing up with your popcorn, soon!

    Unfortunately the production of The Darkness has been delayed due to a disagreement between the director and a producer. I understand new producers have been found and things should be back on target soon.


  3. Peter P. says:

    How’s filming on the darkness coming?

  4. JOE says:

    Thank you. Your style is unique. When you publish some more, I’ll definitely make an opportunity to bookmark!

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