Ron’s Friends

February 7th, 2011
Kelley Baker

Kelley is “The Angry Filmmaker” and tours the US presenting workshops at Colleges, Universities and Film Festivals.

I met Kelley at the B-Movie Celebrations. His experiences include working on great movies like “Good Will Hunting” and “Finding Forester”.

He is a great guy to discuss anything about anything to do with film.

Kelley pictured with his late, great traveling companion, Moses.

David Bowles

David and I became friends thought the UKScreen web site.

He is not only an established British actor he runs a production company Unizarre and recently commissioned me to write six episodes for a proposed TV series based on the short stories by Ramsey Campbell.

David kindly helped me produce “The Story Teller“, by narrating the opening of my epic poem Behind the Frozen Waterfall.

David DeCoteau

David was the first director/producer to commission me after, he discovered my work on InkTip. He employed me to write a screenplay for his production company “Rapid Heart Pictures”.

David is renowned for his individual treatment of classic Horror stories and has recently remade Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Pit and the Pendulum”.

He has worked professionally in the movie business since he was 18 years old, and got his start through a generous offer from movie legend Roger Corman.

John Fiore

Novelist, screenwriter, actor and producer with a wicked sense of humour reflecting his American/Italian roots.

John and I discovered each other on TriggerStreet and agreed to work on a couple of writing projects together, Lifeboat and Stilettos.

In 2009 he had great success at the Staten Island Film Festival with his movie “Twists of Fate” winning the Audience Choice Award and with three films selected for this years Festival, John is emerging as a filmmaker to watch.

Simon Foster

An established composer and musician in the Movie and TV arena it was a logical step for Simon to form his own company, “Covent Garden Films” and move into producing and now directing.

Simon gave me my second commission to write the screenplay for his concept, “The Darkness” which is expected to go into production during 2010.

It has a budget of $5mil and a distribution agreement already in place.
I also worked with Simon on the script for his movie “Dreamgirl”.

Françoise Gouliardon

Founder and CEO of Pomme Z Films, Françoise is an up and coming filmmaker who has gained experience in the competitive world of feature films and commercials.

Recently her film “The Sound of the Bell” won the best short film at the Cineposible Film Festival of 2010.

She recently commissioned me to write a feature screenplay “Green Tea and Chips” for an Anglo/Chinese project.

Natalie Hechtman

Prize winning writer, director and producer from Australia and also the founder of “Cleopatra Films“, her first film “Courting Hope” won several International awards.

Her screenplay for her first feature “Luca and Lucia” won the Best Romantic Comedy Screenplay at the Angel Film Awards at The Monaco International Film Festivalin 2009.

I met Natalie through the message boards on IMDb and we intend to work together on several projects in the future.

Jurgen Wolff

Jurgen is more than a Feature Film and TV writer established both in Europe and Hollywood, he is a writing coach and renowned author with a literary influence covering many diverse subjects.

After years of studying hypnosis, NLP, cognitive therapy, rational-emotive behaviour therapy, and various creativity and time management techniques Jurgen’s publications and lectures are as varied as his characters in his scripts.

Visit his websites Jurgen Wolff and Screen Writting Success to explore and learn more.

You can hear his Interview with RON HERE.

Mister Lobo

It was something that could have been anticipated, meeting Mr. Lobo at the B-Movie Celebrations considering he is the Horror Host and founder of “Cinema Insomnia”.

A most amenable walking encyclopedia on Horror and B-Movies even though it is difficult to know where reality ends and fantasy takes over.

A man destined to become a legend in his own “Suit”.

Lloyd Kaufman

In all truth there are very few people you meet in life who you can say ”They are a one off”. Lloyd is definitely a one off.


The founder and CEO of “Troma Entertainment” and the creator of “The Toxic Avenger” I was privileged to sit next to Lloyd at the premiere of “Poultrygeist”. His finger licking chicken of a movie, not to be watched on a full stomach.


Chairman of the “Independent Film and Television Alliance” only Lloyd could deliver the rousing speech he did.

Jim O’Rear

An infectious laugh and a cheeky grin are the calling cards of this former stuntman turned actor, writer, director and producer who livens up any wake or B-Movie occasion.

Founder of The Allied Horror company,  Jim brings great experience and insight to any debate related to Horror and Indy movies and is an active supporter of both the Indy Film Co-op and the B-Movie Celebrations.

The Queen of Trash

Sara Dunn to give her, her real name is a legend in her own Basque.

She is an actress, TV and Live Show presenter, who brings her own brand of humour to any occasion and gives the B-Movie Celebrations a real lift on her enormous platform shoes.

Sara had such an impact on the town of Franklin, Indiana they even created a “Sara Dunn” day.

Carl Salminen

The Viking from New Jersey, who writes, acts and eats bagels.A supporter of the Indy Film Co-op and B-Movie Celebrations, Carl adds a little decorum to any event for a guy who has a picture of himself in a tin hat with horns protruding from it for his Facebook avatar.
Fred Wyler

An old timer in the industry with writing credits since 1975 and a descendant of the first generation of Hollywood film makers, ( son of legendry director William Wyler,  his godfather was director Fred Zinnemann, and his grand uncle was Carl Laemmle, founder of Universal Studios).

Fred was the finest screenwriter I knew and had written over 120 successful TV and Movie scripts. Many under pseudonyms when he was a Senior Development Executive for major production companies and national TV networks.

I met Fred through the IMDb message board and was privileged to be able to include him among my friends.

CEO of Aviv Productions, Fred wrote witty, fast paced screenplays that reflected his International Jet Set life style and his formative years as a licensed psychiatrist practicing in California.

Unfortunately Fred was called to make a pitch to the ultimate Producer on the 11th May 2010 and he hasn’t been seen since.
He will remain one of my friends forever.
RIP Fred Wyler.
Jim Wynorski

I first met Jim at the first B-Movie Celebration event and was fortunate enough to see a master at work, from scouting a location, to creating a concept to fit the location and then working out the budget over lunch.

In 1980 he left a successful commercial business in New York, and relocated to California. He soon found himself on the doorstep of his childhood idol, B-Movie king Roger Corman and after “Chopping Mall” the rest is history.

A committed supporter of the Indy Film Co-op and the B-Movie Celebrations, in my mind Jim Wynorski is now the rightful holder of the B-Movie director’s crown.