It is a New Year, already.

January 5th, 2011 by Ron

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It is a New Year, already.

Did the earth move for you? Have you made resolutions you will forget before the end of the day? Do you feel different at the start of the New Year compared to the end of the last one? Has anything changed?

Is this New Year going to be the year you will make it, to what ever you want to make it as, and have you prepared your excuses to give to yourself, this time next year, when in reality nothing has changed?

It is true a New Year offers the opportunities for writer’s to promise themselves they will do things differently in the coming months, to convince themselves this is the year and to reflect on the year just gone and consider why they haven’t made the progress they thought they would; a year ago.

It is certainly a place to set targets for the future, providing you can be objective in the targets you set and are resolved in staying on a course that is realistic, but what you can achieve in writing has anonymity to it that is hidden in obscurity and veiled by ambiguity.

That’s right you, your grandmother, a college lecturer or your most intimate confident hasn’t got a clue what your potential is until you complete a script and give it to somebody to read.

Screenplay writing is a wonderful adventure for anyone who has an imaginative mind, but taking ideas from the inner most depths of your mind to the stark realities of a completed screenplay can be a daunting journey. Read screenplays of successful and unsuccessful films, by famous and unknown writers until you can identify a winning script just by reading it.

It won’t help you write a successful screenplay but it will immerse you in the craft and provide you with a grounding that will provide you with an understanding of format and structure.

A casual approach to screenwriting will get you nowhere. Thinking you can present your script a different way to the established models of the industry is a waste of energy and possibly a waste of talent.

But believing in yourself is almost an essential ingredient to succeed providing you are not fooling yourself with illusions beyond your capability.

So as the New Year gets underway set yourself a target of finding out if you are chasing impossible dreams or are walking along the yellow brick road that leads to success.

Get your work read, reviewed and critiqued. Websites such as TriggerStreet and Zoetrope are great places to start with and they also encourage you to read other writer’s work, a necessary step on your road to evolution as a writer.

Aim for this time next year that you will be a better writer even if you haven’t found fame twelve months from now.

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