June 6th, 2010
An amazing poetic journey that will entice your senses and stimulate your imagination as you follow the exploits of a brave young man…

Behind the frozen waterfall
a secret path begins,
buried in the mountainside
to avoid the icy winds.

This passage through the virgin snow
climbs to a hidden pass,
leading to a crystal valley
and a city made of glass.

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Behind The Frozen Water Fall

© Victor Aberdeen
Snow Train

Occasionally, just occasionally
a leaf would block the line,
or a flood would wash the track away,
you know, something so sublime.
British Rail seemed to have a book
With every lame innate reason,
that covered almost everything,
for every bloody season.
But even they seemed at a loss
when confronted by some snow,
as no one could explain to me,
where did all the people go!
Stuck on You.

Couldn’t tell what the flavour was, but there was still a tinge of pink.
Under the walls of Windsor Castle, I’m surprised there wasn’t a stink.
Partly stuck to a tourist’s foot, as he took photos of the Queen.
Well he thought he’d captured the moment as an old lady passed the scene.
© Victor Aberdeen
Does chewing gum lose its flavour when stuck hard on the street?
Or to the boot of a policeman, monitoring his beat?
Discarded once the sugar was gone, like many things when you are young.
Without a thought for the jet set guy who has to remove your gum.