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May 25th, 2012 by Ron
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Many novice screenwriters think if they could win a screenwriting competition, just one, their career would be on the road to success.

I have to say I am unconvinced that screenwriting competitions are the route to success. I feel budding writers, particularly new ones; spend far too much time, money and effort trying to win one.


Studying great scripts that have been produced, identifying what was great about the screenplay and reading acknowledged ‘How To Books’ such as, ‘The Screenwriter’s Bible by David Trottier’, ‘Save the Cat by Blake Snyder’, ‘The Hollywood Standard by Christopher Riley’, ‘Story by Robert McKee’, ‘The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri’ and ‘Making a Good Script Great by Linda Seger’, will undoubtedly be more rewarding.

There are a few competitions that will be a stepping-stone to a writing career, maybe with the exception of the Nicholl, which I understand Hollywood keeps a careful eye on, but I do not know of any Great Writers that have be discovered through a competition.

Personally, the only contest I want to win is the ‘real life competition’ where a producer purchases my script, an investor funds the production and finally a movie is made that has a chance to be successful at the cinema.

I don’t mind if a producer is so impressed with my writing skills that the producer hires me to write something on assignment. The result should be the same, with a released movie, giving me a writing credit and hopefully an acceptable payment for my work

A competition winner’s certificate, a payment of a few thousand dollars, which more often than not is only few hundred dollars, and my name in lights, (well at least on the competition website), in reality is flattering, but it does not guarantee success.

Understanding the craft, researching what makes a screenplay a good screenplay and networking, I believe are the routes to be considered, each requires discipline and hard work, which is probably why so many screenwriting competitions exist.







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  1. hi
    ,IT’s a good post.thank you for sharing.

  2. HJK says:

    When is the darkness coming out, Ron?

    I have no idea. RA.

  3. H.l says:

    My pleasure, and should you need any actors for for your films please contact me. I began acting when I was 49 and have completed many short films and I am bout to embArk on my first feature, a horror script written by myself and directed by myself. The title is “He who listens in the night.” and the longline is as follows: James Barnabus is a man at breaking point, but when he looses a prestigious sand castle competition at whitLey bay, the spirit of Dracula rises again when he Demeter enters the town at the dead of night. Midnight.

  4. H.l says:

    Ron, your work is truly refined and your blog is a treasure trove of information that is vital for newcomers. I think, along with your excellent novellas, you should really focus on publishing a how to write guide book for the amateur screenwriter.

    Thank you for the complimentary and encouraging comment. Ron.

  5. Yes I wondered about how useful they could be, sales seem much more rewarding.

  6. paul rizzo says:

    I am very excited to see your movie, The Darkness! When will it be released?

    Good question Paul. The Director was hoping to shoot later this year but so far nothing has been confirmed. Ron.