The Darkness is coming !

June 15th, 2011 by Ron

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My first feature movie goes into production on July 18th in Louisiana.

“The Darkness”

The journey of a father to get to his kids when sunlight & people inexplicably disappear.

Written with the film’s director, Simon Foster.

With Christopher Eccleston playing the father, Scout Taylor-Compton his daughter and Michael Biehn, Shawn Roberts and Francis Fisher in supporting roles, I couldn’t ask for a better cast.

Cinema and DVD deals were agreed at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year and release is scheduled for Spring 2012.

Once the movie has been released I will post the original spec script and the final shooting script so a comparison between the two can be made. Personally I think the changes that have been made to suit budget, location and what came about in development, will be of interest to many.

Tagline: There’s Only One Rule: Don’t answer the phone

Christopher Eccleston

Scout Taylor-Compton

Michael Biehn          

Shawn Roberts        

Francis Fisher         

It has been a long journey going from concept to production and there is still another nine months before its release date.

Simon Foster, the director and co-writer approached me after he read my material on InkTip in October 2005. He sent me a two-page outline of his concept and asked if I would be interested in writing the screenplay.

As I had only started writing at the beginning of that year I jumped at the offer, agreed a deal, signed a contract and started work in December. By February 2006 I sent him the first draft. We had a development meeting in March and between us polished the first draft into a screenplay we were both happy with.

Simon, who is also producing the movie, worked out the budget, prepared the business plan and his pitch to financiers and visited Cannes that year with some good results.

Initially, everything seemed to be good for a shoot in 2009, but then suddenly with the collapse in the financial markets we were back to day one, overnight.

Simon went looking again but this time with a lower budget of $1.5mil as opposed to $4.5mil and I worked on editing the script to reflect the changes in budget.

Through contacts and friends Simon had established in the industry as a musician, gradually he raised fresh interest in the premise and at the start of this year things came together again for a rescheduled shoot, initially for March this year, but again delays crept in here we are in June nearly six years since I received the first email from him.

Getting Pamela Wallace, (Oscar winning writer of Witness) on board as an executive producer and Lindsay Chag as the casting director was a big step forward in getting a quality cast together within the budget.

If there are lessons to be gleamed from this, it is don’t stop believing in yourself and don’t give up.

10 responses to “The Darkness is coming !”

  1. Peter P. says:

    “if you were as successful as Ron”

    i cant tell if youre joking or not.

  2. JOE says:

    @Peter P “don’t stop believing in yourself and don’t give up.” This is a very valid point, and if you were as successful as Ron you’d realise that.

  3. Peter P. says:

    he wrote and rewrote someone elses idea for free and has nothing to show for it. what r the good points?

  4. JOE says:

    You made a lot of good points on this post. Keep up the great blog.

  5. Peter P. says:

    I am sorry to hear that. Maybe you won’t lecture people from such an arrogant place of authority now.

  6. Peter P. says:

    So they started shooting today? Tell us all about it!!!


    Unfortunately the shooting date has been postponed, as soon as the reason has been sorted out a new date will be set and hopefully I will be on set to post a daily Blog.

    At the moment I cannot publish the reason for the delay, but as soon as I can I will.


  7. Congratulations, Ron!
    Richly deserved. Your perseverance and generosity continues to inspire.
    Best of luck with the shoot.

  8. Renato Beers says:

    bless you, this information definitely made it easier for me with a writing project for my college class at MSU

  9. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Ron. It’s really encouraging to hear how you have succeeded despite all the obstacles.
    I look forward to seeing your film

  10. Mark Gilvary says:

    Congratulations Ron!

    You deserve it Man.

    That Will Silence some of those Negative Individuals
    over there on the IMDB Boards! **** ‘Em!

    Here’s To You Ron!

    Keep On Doin’ It!



    Mark Gilvary –

    * “… Smells Like … Victory!”