Will Hollywood eventually remake itself?

February 1st, 2011 by Ron

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Will Hollywood eventually remake itself?At the moment it seems Hollywood is content to remake any movie that the anonymous executives feel there is an audience for.

Particularly if today’s audience might be unaware of the original movie, therefore what better reason could there be for these anonymous executives not to give it another run.

Or worse still if the original was a recent success, even if the success was minuscule, they elect to make a sequel or two, three or even more, not forgetting to add a 3D version.Now sometimes you have to admit their reluctance to venture into uncharted waters pays off and the remake is better than the original.

But it is so rare that you have to conclude it is more by accident than planning.

With the gradual demise of the long running studio system and the proliferation of accountants replacing entrepreneurs it is a wonder anything gets made that has a whiff of risk attached to its synopses.

In the days of Harry and Jack Warner of Warner Brothers fame; Louis B. Mayer of MGM; Adolph Zucker of Paramount, Samuel Goldwyn of MGM; Carl Laemmle of Paramount; Harry Cohn of Columbia; Jesse Lasky of the Jesse Lasky Company, and others, they took risks even in times of a recession.

The sad thing is now days every Tom, Dick and Harry is writing a screenplay offering these anonymous executives more choice than their predecessors could have ever imagined.

So why are remakes the flavour of the day?

Could it be that even with the abundance of screenplays in circulation, about 100,000 enter the market place each year; there is a shortage of outstandingly original scripts.

Scripts, that are entertaining, even compelling, with stories that grab you by the short and curlies, great screenplays for these anonymous executives to be excited by.

You only have to speak to any Head of Production both in Film or TV and they will tell you they are desperate for new material.

They will tell you how hard it is to find something that is truly outstandingly original, entertaining, even compelling, something that grabs you by the short and curlies enough to be excited by.

So if that is the case the fault must lie with the writers, it could be the fault of the anonymous executives, could it?

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    I hate Re-Makes! … & for the most part, they do tend to fall short
    of The Originals, in my humble opinion.


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